Saturday, April 28, 2012

When she says..... "Let me know when you'll be home...."

No guys, the woman who says this, is NOT trying to keep your tether too tight. No, when she asks you to give her a ring, send her a text or in some other way give her notice that you're going to be heading home, what she is really trying to tell you is one of two things:

Translation A: "I'm in 'the mood', and I want to change into something more comfortable before you get home..."

Translation B: "I have something planned for you when you get home, and you'll like it."

Either way, you'll be in for a good treat when you get home, IF and I emphasis that "IF", you don't blow it by assuming she just wants to keep tabs on you, ruin your evening or just not answer her call or message. If you do any of those, you're going to turn 'the mood' into a 'that mood', and no one wants that, now do they?