Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Every Woman REALLY Wants

Do you really want to know? REALLY?

Because the truth is, that once you know, you can't go back to not knowing. You can't go on through your relationship without doing anything to give her what it is she REALLY wants. You'll feel compelled, even if it's only inch by inch, to do more, be more and act in the ways that you will know deep down that she really wants you to act like. That is the price of knowing, and the only one I will charge you. No other compensation will be accepted, and the price cannot be refunded once you have read these words and consumed this information. So turn away now if you fear change, happiness or bliss.

Are you ready? I hope so.

The truth is an interesting power, and since I want to help you - and your woman - have the best relationship you can, I want to share this secret with you. I want to let it out, so feel free to spread the word, and add your own little twist - though more importantly, be accepting and open, and don't forget to do what I tell you!

So here it is, the BIG Secret:

What every woman really, truly, endlessly wants... is....                   

Monday, May 7, 2012

What she means when she asks, "What do you think of this shirt?"

You've only got one of two options here if she's asking you about her apparel. Either she feels damn sexy in that shirt, those shorts or whatever else it is she's wearing, and she wants you to confirm how good she feels. Or she's not sure if what she is wearing is worth the discomfort of wearing it.

Either way, you're answer should be, "Meow!" (and then make a genuine compliment)

Absolutely, whatever you do, DO NOT say, "You look good in anything babe," or any other cliche's of that nature. You'd be better to offer her a shirt you would like her to wear, then to use a tired cliche.