Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Every Woman REALLY Wants

Do you really want to know? REALLY?

Because the truth is, that once you know, you can't go back to not knowing. You can't go on through your relationship without doing anything to give her what it is she REALLY wants. You'll feel compelled, even if it's only inch by inch, to do more, be more and act in the ways that you will know deep down that she really wants you to act like. That is the price of knowing, and the only one I will charge you. No other compensation will be accepted, and the price cannot be refunded once you have read these words and consumed this information. So turn away now if you fear change, happiness or bliss.

Are you ready? I hope so.

The truth is an interesting power, and since I want to help you - and your woman - have the best relationship you can, I want to share this secret with you. I want to let it out, so feel free to spread the word, and add your own little twist - though more importantly, be accepting and open, and don't forget to do what I tell you!

So here it is, the BIG Secret:

What every woman really, truly, endlessly wants... is....                   

= Her Very Own Fairy Tale =

Really? That's it? Oh come on!

No really, that IS it. Every woman wants to be in her very own fairy tale, complete with a wicked witch, perilous journey's and her very own prince charming. She wants to be wrapped up in a world where there are puzzles and conundrums that only she can solve. She wants a room the size of a mansion that she can fill with all her books, trophies and weapons. She wants to be put to the test, push all of her perceived limitations and still come out on top in the eyes of her beloved, who never leaves her side throughout all her crazy adventures.

She wants her prince charming to plan as if they'll be together forever, but love her as if tomorrow was always the last day on earth. In her fairy tale - love is always fresh, passionate and urgent. Prince charming ALWAYS wants his maiden and no one else. In her fairy tale, she is always needed by her family, but there is always reprieve from her motherly duties when the evening comes. For when the daylight crosses the threshold into twilight, she knows there will great big balls where she can dance away her cares as her prince passionately leads her across the room in front of a crowd of astonished socialites, all whom continue to whisper about their wonder of how this beautiful young woman could be so amazing as to have the life they all lust for.

And when it's time for the night to come to an end, when the courtiers, kings and debutants are done kissing her rings and telling her how wonderful her parties always are, and it's time to ready for bed, the princess easily shifts into the queen, who seductively lures her king towards the bed chambers. The king encourages all of her advances, cooing and purring with excitement. As their bodies meet with the chamber doors, she slips from her strong kings arms and sneaks off to the bathroom to get into something more comfortable. Knowing her king is waiting lustfully for her, she hurries to go in, where she knows he will caress and kiss every part of her body.

Once out of the bathroom, she nearly sprints the short hall from their bathroom to their bedroom, passionately seeking the warmth of her partner. But when she reaches the threshold of their chambers, in the blink of an eye she sees the evil glare of a sordid sorceress who wraps her arms around the king and shimmers him from the room, giving the princess no time to react or save her prince....

From there, the only thing left to do, is to gather her weapons, books and magic and journey out into the great wide world to rescue her prince, if she can...

=                    =                    =                    =                   =                =                 =                  =

Okay, you get the idea. The princess journey's off to rescue her prince, but in the end he ends up rescuing her and then ravishing her until the sunrise, whence the cycle begins again. This is probably old news. You probably already know that woman are very "imagination" based creature, that we all have various fantasies that we wish would play out in the real world. Though I bet you've never really understood what that all REALLY means.

This is important, because even though you know that she what she wants, you only know the surface of it. And in order for you to pay your penance to me, you must know more. You must know the complex details.

You must know that she doesn't only want to play the pure Princess. It's not enough to shift into the seductive Queen. She wants more than save and be saved by her prince. That's right, that woman who holds the apple of your eye, she also wants to play the part of the warrioress, riding high and mighty with the Valkyries. She wants to be the wicked witch, who is allowed to be completely free in the embrace of her own lustful darkside. She wants to be the sexy sorceress, who has men on their knees as they beg for the chance to have a moment of her time. She wants to be the spoiled daughter, the proud mother, the wise sage, the crooked crone and the fair maiden.


WAIT! Don't click away from this blog yet! You're not done learning yet, but fear not! There is only a little more to go, and if you can make it through it, you will be greatly rewarded.

You see, even deeper in all of this, and more complicating, is the Paradox, which must be made clear. The paradox that every woman desires, is not just to play all the roles of all the women in her fairy tale - but also that she wants her precious prince to play all the roles of the men that twist and wind their way through her fanciful mind. That's right! She doesn't just want her prince to be charming, loyal and handsome. No! Perfection would be way too boring, and although no woman on earth would easily and openly admit it to their men, it is still true.

It is still true that she wants to suspect. 
She wants to be fearful. 
She wants to be angry
She wants to experience EVERY emotion 
EVERY experience 
EVERY challenge  that can be hand, 
with the love of her life. 

And NO, that doesn't mean she wants to catch or find her prince in the arms of another lover. No, that would go too far. Though there is nothing more alluring then a man who is mysterious. Nothing more challenging then the defense of love. Nothing more romantic than an enchanted prince who only manages to break the spell by the power of his heart which holds his true love for his Princess.

Not only does she want her man to be all that, but she also wants him to be the graciously jealous type, who is someone able to contain his internal rage when she flirts innocently with another man, but she can always tell that it would only take the tiniest trigger to send him off after any potential threats to his relationship.

You see, all of this fits in to her fantasy. She wants a man who can not only protect her, but who can also test her, to keep her in check with her own paradoxial desires for both freedom and commitment at the same time.

She wants the whole fairy tale fantasy in every way.

And now that you know this,

it's time to pay the piper

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